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The FAOPMA-PEST SUMMIT has successfully tackled new challenges each year, and as a result it has rewritten the history of the pest management industry for over 30 years.
In order to meet the expectations of many who await the FAOPMA-PEST SUMMIT, we have yet again prepared an array of speakers and themes that are surely worth anticipating.

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    May 312019

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    September 12019

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    July 312019




  • Invited Speaker
    How Yee Fatt
    Bentz Jaz

  • Invited Speaker
    William H. Robinson
    Urban Pest Control
    Research & Consulting

  • Invited Speaker
    Jennifer McCaw
    Biogents AG

  • Invited Speaker
    Brian T. Forschler
    Georgia University

  • Invited Speaker
    Erik Meurling
    Anticimex International

  • Invited Speaker
    Stephen Doggett
    Westmead Hospital,
    NSW Health Pathology,
    Department of Medical Entomology

  • Invited Speaker
    Faith Oi
    Uni. Of Florida

  • Invited Speaker
    David Lilly

  • Invited Speaker
    Gu Xiang
    Shanghai Minder
    Environmental Hygiene
    Service Co.ltd.

  • Invited Speaker
    Qiyong Liu
    WHO CC for Vector
    Surveillance and
    Management, China

  • Invited Speaker
    Ujjwal Kumar
    UPL Ltd, India

  • Invited Speaker
    Partho Dhang
    Independent Consultant, Philippines

  • Invited Speaker
    Francois Meurens
    Oniris-Nantes Atlantic
    National College of
    Veterinary edicine, France

  • Invited Speaker
    Dini Miller
    Virginia Tech, U.S.A.

Promotional Video of FAOPMA 2019

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The Federation Asian and Oceania Pest
Management Association Pest Summit 2019
24-27 September, 2019 DCC, Daejeon, Korea